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Access ancient spiritual secrets
and cutting edge technology

and break through your blocks so you manifest more money!
Access ancient spiritual secrets
and cutting edge technology
and break through your blocks so you manifest more money!

“Sandy’s books and programs have completely changed my life. I won six month all expenses paid world travel using some of Sandy’s techniques. My first month as a coach [through Sandy's coach certification program] I made $225, and now I have a multiple six figure business [now 7-figure]. I re-do when ever I want to take my income to the next level"
- denise duffield-thomas, australia
"I had many wins, but the biggest is going from $1k-$4k weeks to $8k-$16k weeks. I raised $70,000 and have just put a contract down on our first home on a lake. Immense gratitude. Thank you."
- Chantal G, Gold Coast Australia
"I had a $9000 debt released, out of the blue they just cancelled the contract."
- Corine Graham, France
If you're ready to break through your blocks and create
more abundance and freedom in your life...

It's Your Time to Take that Next Step!

Maybe you've read heaps of books or followed the experts, but are stuck in these same old patterns ...
  • Your cash flow just hasn't increased to the level you want
  • You feel inspired... but end up back in the same place wondering "what am I doing wrong"?
  • You feel discouraged (or even secretly jealous) when others succeed and wonder 'why not me?'
  • ​You've even started to feel like 'manifesting and attracting abundance' is for other women, not you
  • ​You feel if you could just tap into a simple, powerful system, it would all finally come together.

The solution is easier than you think ...

If you're anything like the tens of thousands of women I've helped who had been trying so hard
but hadn't created the abundance they desired, I want you to know it's not too late.  Creating the prosperity you desire isn't about being good enough, worthy or capable (although I WILL help you break through those limiting beliefs)...

It's not about being the perfect person or having the right background

The simple, powerful concepts I teach took me from welfare to millionaire, and now it's your turn to access these exact secrets, be empowered and create a new level of abundance in your life.

Imagine experiencing that magical moment when your heart skips a beat because your dreams begin to manifest!

Others can show you the tools; but I'll take you MUCH deeper ... you'll discover the science behind quantum energy and experience manifestation in real time, which will inspire and empower you to attract and create even more of your hearts desires.

As seen in ...

"Since starting your course I have manifested 58 clients into my coaching program making me approx $90k - within the first eight and a half days of announcing it."
- karen knowler, uk
"Before starting, my very best sales in my little online store was $4.5K in a month. I've been applying Sandy's techniques and listening to her meditations daily, well... 3 weeks later and I'm absolutely gobsmacked that this month so far I have done $22.5K in sales. That's like a whole years worth of sales in just 3 weeks... Unbelievable. Thank you so much Sandy. I am still pinching myself. It's like something major has shifted and its now just flowing!"
- Gemma Campbell
“Since learning from Sandy I have been on a manifesting mission! I've moved from rainy London to beautiful sunny Perth Australia, gone from a horrific relationship to one with the love of my life, manifested an awesome job, $10,000 lottery win, a new car/house/motorbike/boat…. Wow, the list is endless and just keeps happening! Thanks Sandy for everything you do to inspire others xxx”
- carly evans, uk

Hi! I'm Sandy Forster ...

I went from welfare to millionaire and want to share my manifesting secrets with you.

I know what it's like to 'try everything' to attract abundance, but instead go backward fast.

I'm on a mission to help women around the world discover how to effortlessly attract prosperity and the freedom and choices it creates.
After my husband and I divorced, I became a single mum raising a 6 month old and 3-year-old by myself. I had a small business and spent so much time, energy and money trying to create abundance and success.  Which was super stressful (and unsuccessful) as l working from home with small children, had $100,000 of debt and was on welfare!!

The prosperity that would give me the freedom and lifestyle I truly longed for eluded me for years. I was doing, doing, doing all the time but felt like I was on a hamster wheel, running like crazy and going no-where fast.

BUT…. it all turned around when I discovered the Law of Attraction, combined it with cutting edge science and busted through my money blocks to become a marvelous manifestor!

From that starting place of being in a total financial mess, I’m now blessed to have created a lifestyle of freedom and abundance that I just adore.

For the past 20 years, I've been honored to help women from all over the globe, transforming their mindset, increasing their abundance and helping them create a life beyond their wildest dreams!

I can't wait to help you blend the metaphysical with quantum science in my most powerful program -  Divine Money Manifesting - so YOU create your own money miracle!

Transform Your World  with
Divine Money Manifesting...

Imagine ...

  • Easily paying off your debts AND having excess money to 'play' with every month
  • Saying goodbye to the feast or famine money cycle and instead having a consistent flow of increasing abundance in your life
  •  Your experience with money becomes one of ease, joy and lightness
  • Your life is more amazing than you've imagined... you're able to manifest the lifestyle and experiences you've always desired
  • Your business or career is flourishing ... in fact you continue to multiply your current income effortlessly
  • You have the time and money to do all the things that make your heart sing
  • You feel blessed to have attracted opportunities and experiences you once only dreamed of
"The day I signed up  I got an unexpected tax return of $8k and old commissions of $490 that I didn't know were owing and an unexpected $1k in my network marketing biz. Very pleased to say the least!"
- Annamaya A, Melbourne Australia
"I made the decision to do a $3400 course and the next day I received the exact amount needed to pay for it in full."
- Sandy Banfield, NSW Australia
"I was owed $300 and never thought I'd get it, but It showed up this week in crisp new bills and with a smile. This was special!"
- susan o, new york

Here's what  you'll discover in
Divine Money Manifesting...

Get instant access to the Foundation material to set you up for success, then go through 12 core modules that not only teach you the art of manifesting money, but will speed up the manifesting process by releasing blocks, rewiring your subconscious mind and changing you into the best version of yourself! 

This is not a quick fix, this is about transforming who you are from the inside out at all levels... body, mind and spirit.
Discover what type of money manifestor you are, so you create abundance in the way that flows best for you. Learn the principles of manifesting money so no matter what circumstances you face, you have the skills to attract abundance to you, and find out how you've been self-sabotaging in the past so you can break free and see miracles happen instead!

Build your belief in the power you have to manifest abundance and watch the magic unfold. Dive into ancient secrets, and learn how science is intersecting with spirituality and how to use that to your advantage when it comes to manifesting. Discover "The Miracle" that allows you to see your abundance into reality.

As you connect to the Divine and the secrets of consciousness, bliss and manifestation you'll tap into Quantum Magic. When you understand just how powerful you are and how to access this power, you'll become the marvellous manifestor you've always wanted to be. Discover a simple daily process to send hints to the Universe so you attract abundance with ease and grace. 
Create a sacred space so you can call in your prosperity and become the most 'attractive', exciting and clear channel for manifestation to occur. Learn to train your "abundance gatekeeper" so you naturally see MORE of what you desire in your life.

As you take specific actions you make it easy for the Universe to deliver your desires. These essential (but often missed) foundations will open your heart, mind and life to prosperity in the most transformational way.
When you get super clear on what it is you truly want, you'll be amazed at how quickly you begin attracting your desires. This process allows you to see EXACTLY what it takes to create YOUR Millionaire Lifestyle, because it's different for everyone.  You'll discover your exact freedom figure which activates powerful Universal Laws to work in your favor.

Using my step by step process for manifesting allows you to achieve your goals and create a life and future you love. Implement the 3 Simple Steps to Manifest Money, even if you have tried and failed before.
Words have power that send a vibration and resonance into the quantum field... discover how to use that power with every word you say, and how to create words specific for YOU  in a way that feels light, easy, effortless and that manifests your desires.

Release self-sabotage and reverse your negative programming as you begin to clean up your energy while exploring the negatives of money (yes, we're going there). You'll have access to our proprietary subliminal technology which re-wires your mind for money without you having to consciously do anything! Thousands of women have transformed their money story - now it's your turn!
Learn how to create an income that aligns with your deepest desires, working the hours that suit your lifestyle, with clients or customers you love spending time with. You'll discover how to double, triple or quadruple your income ... in 6 months or less! These simple steps allow you to create a flow of prosperity that continues to expand and flourish.

Clear up any money mess with Inspired Action, and discover how to create additional cash flow. Attracting money whenever you want it leaves you feeling abundant, free and limitless.

If you want to dissolve debt (using both practical and metaphysical processes), you'll be amazed as you experience what with our Debt Free Blueprint - you'll finally feel free and in control of your money which will make you an even better manifestor.
Discover how to have the time, money, and energy to follow your dreams, make a difference and be, do and have ALL the things that make your heart sing. Uncover and release your energetic money triggers, banish limiting beliefs, and master the art of Quantum Leaping. You'll align your body, mind, and spirit so you can to step into the abundant future you've longed for. You'll map out your next Prosperity Steps so you continue to experience your own Money Miracles!

trust  the  Universe Bought  you  here...
to  Create the Abundance you truly Desire

The first step to transforming your life is to say YES to Divine Money Manifesting!
"I wouldn't be where I am without you. You were one of those Karmic crossroads that changed the course of everything.
Sandy, you have some serious superpowers in the Law of Attraction department."
- Sarah Prout
"Success... I did one of your processes to manifest $10,000 in a month. I found out this Friday I will be getting a check for $10,000 for an unexpected distribution payment at work"
- Karla Westphal, North Carolina
“I stumbled across you when I had very little. I dived into your course and within 2 weeks I received over $3300. Since I’ve met you my income has tripled and tremendous possibilities are opening up like magic. Thank you for creating this one of a kind course.”
- stella seaspirit, south africa

What You'll get when you join
Divine Money Manifesting...

Divine Money Manifesting Course Modules 

Go through 12 core modules designed to teach you the art of manifesting money,  releasing self-sabotage and breaking through blocks standing in the way of attracting abundance.  You'll speed up the manifesting process by rewiring your subconscious mind and experience results faster and easier than ever before!
Plus, as a Divine Money Manifesting member you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to your course!
($1997 Value)

LIVE Monthly Manifesting Calls with Sandy

Join me every month through to the end of 2023  as our like-minded community comes together and supports each other.  We'll dive deeper and expand on specific money and manifesting blocks, allowing you to ask questions and integrate the wisdom and insights inside DMM so your manifesting skills take a quantum leap. These calls end with a money manifesting process to support you in consistently aligning your energy and attracting abundance. Also recorded for your convenience.
($1200 Value)

Bonus 1: Millionaire Mindset 

Start creating prosperity immediately! Get my complete abundance attracting course on how to become amazing at attracting abundance - includes an Audio book, Companion Workbook and 12 powerful sessions where I dive into 'all the things' and answer EVERY question about manifesting, giving you my tips and secrets to turn you into a money magnet! 
($797 Value)

Bonus 2: Guided Visualizations and Abundance Activations

We developed powerful subliminal technology including brain entrainment sounds, vibrationally channeled music with over 111 embedded prosperity affirmations and specific frequencies to effortlessly re-wire your mind so you naturally break through your blocks and attract more abundance - by doing nothing more than listening to our powerful audios. These breakthrough sessions have been created using the latest information in neuro-science to create long-term change in the brain so manifestation and creating a life you love becomes effortless.

Start releasing your limiting beliefs and self-sabotage while you become more magnetic to your dreams, and start manifesting your hearts desires.   Includes ...
  • Awaken Your Prosperity Self
  • Affirmations for Your Abundance
  • Manifest your Million Dollar Idea
  • Prosperity Desires Of The Heart
  • Create Your Ideal Day
  • Million Dollar Affirmations
  • $100,000 Abundance Activation
  • Become a Millionaire in 3 Years
  • Manifest $5,000 Fast
  • See Your Business Success
  • and many more!   NEW visualizations added every month to help you become the best YOU possible.
($1292 Value)

Bonus 3: Business Bliss

Whether you want to start a business, or grow a business,  Business Bliss is for you.  Be inspired and motivated as you listen to sessions such as:
Whether you want to start a business, or grow a business,  Business Bliss is for you.  Be inspired and motivated as you listen to sessions such as:
  • Manifesting Your Ideal Business
  • Attracting Ideal Clients
  • Creating Your Money Flows
  • Amazing Business Success
  • Create Your Million Dollar Idea
  • and more!
($497 Value)

Bonus 4: Millionaire Success Library

You’ll get access to Sandy's personal success library to keep the journey going beyond the program.

This library includes an additional 12 hours of inspiring millionaire audios that dive deep into money manifesting, including powerful Q&A sessions where you'll hear students just like you get their most pressing questions answered. Plus, you also get The Magic of Mastering Your Money, The Secret to the Law of Attraction and Prosperity, and more! 
($497 Value)

** Extra Bonus ** Huge Prize Giveaway!!

Each year we give away over $10,000 of prizes.​ Simply go through Divine Money Manifesting and you can be in the running to win. Prizes have included:
  • 3 Day Business and Bliss retreat on the beautiful Sunshine Coast
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions with Sandy
  • Partial scholarship to our International Law of Attraction Coach Training and Certification Program
  • Personalized guided visualizations
  • Human Design Readings
  • and much more!
($9,997 Value)


Many people completely miss how Chakras (the energy centres of your body) can block your abundance, how they can block your prosperity, and how they can stop the flow of money into your life when they're out of balance. I'll guide you to easily balance your chakras to enhance your manifesting so attracting abundance becomes fun.

We'll cover the 7 major chakras, working with your energy, beliefs and vibration and align them so money can flow and grow in your life. I'll walk you through a simple but powerful process for each chakra to energize your physical and energetic body and allow money to be magnetized to you. Your chakras impact you more than you imagine and by using these divine visualizations you'll easily bring your chakras into balance and create a life you're passionate about with ease and grace!
($749 Value)

Become  the  Most  Abundant  you  Possible,
Release  Your  Money  Blocks
and  Create  a  Life  You  LOVE!

Divine Money Manifesting

 is the program and community that will TRANSFORM your life

Total Value: $6,100

all pricing listed in USD

Next LIVE Coaching Call
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

No more doing it all yourself... our community supports you every step of the way

No more worrying about how to make it happen,  because you'll get everything you need

No more thinking you have to "have your life totally together" to create success,
I certainly don't :-) and I still became a millionaire... I want to show you how to make manifesting easy!

"I've only watched 1 video and have already made 3x the cost of the program in 24 hrs! Something has already shifted! I can't wait to see what happens moving forward."
3 Month Update:
" I was offered a 6 figure job and can work from home and still have my part-time business. Plus I also earned over $100k in one month with my digital currency!
- melissa groom, nsw Australia
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