Divine Money Manifesting
Terms and Conditions
By registering for Divine Money Manifesting, I understand and agree to the following terms of my registration:
I understand there are no refunds because I thought the program would be different than advertised or my circumstances changed (except where required by Australian Consumer Law).  Everything that is on the sales page or Order Form is exactly what is delivered (and more) so saying "I thought it would be different' is not valid.

I understand if I am on a payment plan, I am contractually obligated to pay each monthly installment (every 28 days) of the payment plan until paid in full.

I understand if my monthly payment declines, access to the members area is restricted and if my account is not bought up to date, it will be sent to your Registered Collections Agency and I will be liable for the additional fees charged by said Agency.

​I understand all prices quoted are in USD$ and if I am from a country other than the US and am paying monthly, the actual amount debited from my credit card may change slightly depending on the exchange rate from US Dollars into my own currency at the time of the banks processing.   

I understand the information inside the Divine Money Manifesting is copyrighted intellectual property and is for my personal use only.  I cannot share my login details with others.  I also cannot learn from Sandy and then teach her information to others, I will use it solely to enhance my life, career or business

I understand and acknowledge I will bring a positive attitude, excited anticipation and a heap of positive expectation to this exciting community and opportunity.

I understand Lifetime Access to the program means, for the life of the program.  So if the program or platform comes to a close I will be notified and can download the program so I can continue to have lifetime access.

I understand if I submit a success in the WIN competition, my success and likeness may be used for promotional purposes on your website, and I must have paid in full for DMM before my prize can be redeemed.

I understand if I am upgrading to DMM from another program there is no refunds under any circumstances whatsoever and all sales are final.

I understand prizes are awarded every year at the discretion of Wildly Wealthy Pty Ltd and are randomly chosen from all entries at the time of drawing - the more entries I have submitted, the more chances I have of winning

I am registering for the program because I am fully committed to paying the tuition, completing the entire course and applying what I learn and understand there are no refunds, no cancellations and no cooling off period (except where required by Australian Law).  

I am joining Divine Money Manifesting because I feel it is in alignment with what I am seeking and am ready to transform my life!

​I have read this agreement and accept all terms and am looking forward to taking part in the Divine Money Manifesting
Shipping/Refund/Exchange/Cancellation Policy
Digital bonuses are delivered free of charge.
All products are guaranteed against defects. We will gladly replace any products found defective for up to 14 days, so please check your product/s within that time frame. Please check products received and contact our office, Phone or Text from Australia: 0475-833-917, Phone or Text from other countries: +61-475-833-917 within 14 days to receive a return confirmation number (RCN) for faulty products and return details. Products will not be accepted without RCN. We will replace all faulty products within 14 days of delivery.
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions as listed above in regard to refunds and cancellations